(JCI Re accreditation in 2015)

Successfully Completed the JCI reaccreditation for Artemis Hospital with minimum survey findings in Year 2015.


(JCI Re accreditation in 2015)

Team Mediance Successfully completed the JCI re accreditation of Asian Heart Institute, one of the leading cardiac centers 2015.


(JCI Re accreditation in 2016)

Team Mediance Success fully completed the JCI Accreditation of CIMS Hospital with, It is the first Multi-specialty Hospital in the Indian state of Gujarat to achieve the Golden standards of JCI in Year 2016.


(JCI Re accreditation in 2016)

We have successfully completed JCI Reaccreditation for Moolchand Medicty, One of the Oldest hospitals in southern part of Indian Capital with minimum observations in year 2016.


medanta (1)

(JCI Re accreditation in 2016)

Dr. Chandan Mohanty as a JCI Consultant has assisted to quality team of Medanta Medcity in Year 2016 for their JCI preparation during their second re-accreditation process.


(JCI Re accreditation in 2018)

Our team of JCI consultants accomplished the historic achievement of the first ever “zero noncompliance” for JCI  re accreditation survey of artemis hospital, Gurgaon in the year 2018.


(JCI Re accreditation in 2018)

Team Mediance have completed the JCI reaccreditation of Asian Heart Institute , second time in a row with  an outstanding result of “zero not met” in year 2018.


(JCI Re accreditation in 2019)

Mediance achieved another  mile stone in year 2019 after successful  completion of JCI accreditation for Eternal Hospital-Jaipur , the  first ever hospital in Indian State of Rajasthan to receive the  prestigious JCI certification.


(JCI Re accreditation in 2019)

Team Mediance Successfully completed the JCI re accreditation program for Badr Alsamma Hospital-Ruwi with an outstanding results of “Zero Not Met”  in year of 2019.


(JCI Re accreditation in 2019)

Team Mediance Successfully completed the JCI re accreditation program for Badr Alsamma Hospital-Alkhoud with a result of least observations  in year of 2019.

(JCI Re accreditation in 2019)

Team Mediance Completed the JCI reaccreditation program of ALhila Hospital, with a historical results  of “Zero Not met” in the JCI accreditation history of Bahrain.

Joint Commission International Accreditation:

Accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI) is regarded as the highest achievement in the healthcare standards around the globe, it is the most sought after and the most rigorous accreditation process which encompasses each and every hospital process and is restricted not only to clinical but also the non clinical and support Services.

Why “MEDIANCE” for JCl Accreditation

Mediance is the leading JCI accreditation consulting firm in India, have accomplished maximum number of JCI accreditation projects in India and abroad in comparison to any other consulting firm in India. 

We are the only healthcare consulting firm in India having a fully dedicated, exclusive team of JCI accreditation consultants. Within a short span of time, Team Mediance has successfully completed 14 JCI accreditation programs in India and abroad without any focus survey.

Team Mediance has an unsurpassed achievement of “Zero Non-Compliance in JCI accreditation survey” for five of our JCI accreditation projects in year 2015, 2018 and 2019

Team Mediance has achieved the unprecedented results of “Zero Non-Compliance” for JCI Accreditation Survey in the Country of OMAN and BAHRAIN in the year 2019.

Our JCI Consulting Team’s members combined experience includes more than twenty years in JCI accreditation programs in India and Southeast Asia region.

We work as your partner not just JCI consultant.

                                                                         “All our JCI projects completed successfully without any focus Survey”

Our scope of JCl Consulting Services:


  • Organizational Gap Assessment Study
  • JCl Sensitization Program for hospital staffs
  • Collaborative development of Joint Work Plan
  • Documentary System Preparation (policies / plans / Manuals)
  • Formulation of clinical pathways & clinical practice guidelines
  • Development & Monitoring of KPIs and International Library Measures
  • Implementation of quality tools (FMEA, HVA, 5S etc.)
  • Designing the program for ongoing practice evaluation for doctors
  • Design of clinical and non clinical training modules
  • Train the trainers program
  • Support in filing an application to JCl
  • Periodical readiness assessment
  • Various Internal Audits (safety, Infection control Medical record etc.)
  • System tracer activities
  • Individual patient tracer activities
  • IPSG Tracer Activities
  • Mock JCl Survey (by external Surveyor)
  • Mock group discussions (by external Surveyor)

Our JCI Consulting brochure

During Survey

  • Management of Survey Command center
  • Post Survey briefing session (Daily)
  • Real-time assistance to survey coordinator and the team

Post Survey

  • Detail Analysis of ‘Partial Mets” and “Not Mets
  • Submission of ‘Strategy into Plan” (SIP) to JCI Authority
  • Preparation of Focus Survey (if asked for)


“DON’T JUST GET READY.. STAY READY!’ We at MEDIANCE strongly believe in the philosophy, don’t just Get Ready… Stay Ready. Our experienced Accreditation Consultants have designed this “Full-Blown JCI Mock survey with Sensitization program”
for those hospitals seeking in achieving the gold seal of JCI accreditation. It helps both leadership and employees (clinical and non clinical) to get an overview of the JCI Accreditation process as per 6th edition.

“We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best service in the industry.”

Program Structure

Sensitization Session

Our experienced JCI consultants shall conduct a sensitization session about JCI Accreditation and the mock survey methodology for your staff/ representatives of all departments in the hospital.

Mock Survey

Our JCI experts shall conduct the mock survey with the methodology of “system tracer’ and ‘individual patient tracer’ based on the 6th edition of JCL standard. Joint Commission International Survey agenda pattern shall be followed by our consultants to make the staff aware of what to expect during an actual survey.

Debriefing Session

Our surveyors will integrate all the findings of the survey exercise into one comprehensive debriefing session for better understanding for your executive leaders, medical staff leaders, department leaders, and staff as desired, regarding the deficiencies in their department / work area impacting JCI accreditation Compliance

Other Specialised JCI Consulting Services

Interim Staffing Solutions

If you find yourself preparing for survey with a staffing or knowledge deficit, we can step up to direct and manage your quality it or survey preparation initiatives with onsite knowledgeable staff support.

Clarifications Of Adverse Decisions

Our consultants are experts in the complexity of these clarifications and any JCI appeal process. We have successfully helped organizations move from a preliminary adverse decision to the road of successful accreditation.

“Accreditation Maintenance Program” (AMP)

In the world of unannounced JCI Accreditation surveys, continuous readiness and Standard Based Leadership is a must. This is an unique consulting service designed by Mediance for our Indian and international client Hospitals called “Accreditation Maintenance program”. At Mediance we strongly believe in the philosophy, Don’t just Get Ready… Stay Ready…
Mediance provides ongoing Joint Commission accreditation consulting services throughout the year designed to keep you ahead of the changes in the JCI standards and survey process and prevent problems from developing. Our consultants shall analyse policy changes from the Joint Commission, new standards and safety goals, and help you effectively manage the information and implement compliance initiatives more effectively. We can customize a 12 month action plan of monthly or quarterly consulting services designed to meet your unique needs. The sequence of activities will be customized based on priority needs at the hospital.

Our Recent Achievements in JCI Accreditation

  • Team Mediance has completed JCI accreditation program of Al Hilal Hospital in Bahrain with a result of “Zero Not Met” in 2019.
  • Team Mediance Has completed two JCI accreditation programs of Badr Al Samaa group of Hospitals in Muscat (Oman) with “Zero Not Met” results in 2019.
  • In the Indian State of Rajasthan, we have achieved JCI Accreditation for Eternal Heart hospital, which is the only Hospital in the state to achieve this gold standards of healthcare accreditation in 2019.
  • In the Indian State of Gujarat, we have achieved the JCI accreditation for CIMS hospital with one attempt in 2016, which is first Hospital in the state to receive the Prestigious JCI Accreditation.
  • Our team of JCI Consultants successfully assisted the MEDANTA MEDICITY, largest Hospital In India to achieve their JCI Re-accreditation in 2016.
  • Our team of JCI consultants accomplished the historic achievement of the FIRST EVER ZERO NONCOMPLIANCE for JCI Survey of Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon in the year 2015.
  • Team Mediance, Achieved successful JCI re accreditation for Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai in 2015.
  • Team Mediance, Achieved successful JCI re accreditation for Moolchand Medicity, New Delhi in 2016.
  • Our team of JCI Consultants accomplished the repeat historic achievement of the “Zero Non-Compliance” for JCI Accreditation Survey in Artemis Hospital-Delhi NCR and Asian Heart Institute-Mumbai in year 2018.
  • During the period of 2012-2014, Our Senior Consultants, led the international project of JCI accreditation for Durdans hospital- Colombo which is the first hospital in Srilanka.